Calves … Batch 2

All our leading ladies due this month have calved … its always interesting as they have the same due date, and yet calf arrivals span over a few weeks!

Here are the latest 5 (4 all arrived on Saturday!)…

Sweet Jess … she was very spunky and curious, coming up to me and nudging me with her nose to get scratches on Day 2!
Jacob the calf, only moments old, being cleaned off by his momma. His colouring is so cute!
It’s amazing how these cows are such good mommas, and how quickly the calves get up and start sucking!
Meet Mr. Ice … another calf with beautiful chocolate colouring!
Mr. Josh – we had some cows calve at Karina’s dad’s farm and her nephew Josh was helping, so he requested that one be named Josh – of course, we had to oblige!
Another beautiful calf, Miss Lilly, with her momma!

It never fails to make me smile, watching the new calves find their footing moments after being born and then running and kicking up their heels!

February Calves

We’ve had about half of our February cows that were due calve so far – enjoy these cuties!

Mr. Emmitt
Miss Steph and her momma have similar markings!
Simone is a little black beauty!
Shari and her momma

Curious as to how we name our calves? We name them after people we like – so take it as a compliment! We also try name them based on their origins – so, the cows we originally started our herd with that came from Karina’s dad get names from those family members.

Christmas Baskets!

We have put together some Christmas meat baskets to help you with your holiday shopping!

Let us know if any of these suit you, and we can make more of the same or customized to your liking and price point! We have some amazing 75 day dry aged steaks to include also – what a perfect treat for Christmas!

Don’t forget we also offer gift certificates in any denomination!

All meat was raised on our farm – beef and pork!

Basket 1: Everyday Meat Bundle $65

Includes 3 pieces boneless pork chop, 1 pack of bacon, 1 pack sausage (6 pieces), 1 flank steak and 2 pieces of sirloin steak.

Basket 2: Meat Lovers Basket $70

Includes 2 pieces of tenderloin steak, 2 pieces of New York strip steak and 1 pack of sausage (6 pieces).

Basket 3: Meat Lovers Delight! $150

Includes 2 pieces tenderloin, 2 pieces New York strip steak, 1/2 rack of beef ribs and 2 pieces 75 day dry aged T-Bone steaks!

Ground Beef – SALE!

Ground Beef Sale 300

Our delicious, locally raised Ground Beef is ON SALE!
Only $3.99/lb right now – for a limited time! Send us your order today – contact us through facebook, email or text Karina at 226.920.9701!
It is pre-packaged in frozen ~1lb bags.
There are no minimum orders! You can pick up your orders anytime – we’re just outside of Cayuga – or inquire about delivery!

Ground beef is such a versitile & family friendly meal option.

Look at the variety of options ground beef gives you: Fajitas, Meatloaf, Burgers, Chili, Taco Salad or Tacos, Phillly Cheesesteak sandwiches, Sloppy Joes, Braised Hamburger casseroles, Nasi Goreng Rice Casserole, Spaghetti, Lasagna or Lasagne Casserole, Layered Hamburg/Veg/Potato Casserole, shepherds pie, pizza topping, cabbage rolls, meatballs, and more!!

(If you want any recipes, just ask!)

*This is a limited time offer!