About Us


Feb 19 (10)

Len & Karina both grew up on farms in Haldimand where cows played a central role. They worked in the barns alongside their family to learn the workings of a farm.

They both knew they wanted to live on a farm and raise their family there as well, so here we are!

Len spent 10 years working in a butcher shop, starting as a clean-up boy to hands-on butchering, so he knows the ins and outs of processing beef.

Karina worked in a butcher shop during her university years so has knowledge of the industry as well. 

Our kids work alongside us on the farm as well. If you stop by, our greeter Ally is likely to come say hi, with Jacob following not far behind. Olivia helps out (when she’s in the mood as a two-nager), and Andrew gets a free pass from the work for now, since he’s just a bit too small!

Oct 27 (22)