Custom Beef Orders

We know you want some delicious meat, but a whole quarter cow? Don’t worry, you can handle it – trust us!

* We can deliver as well, if getting to Cayuga is an issue!

We charged based on hanging weight (which is standard in quarter beef orders) – $6.00 per pound (vacumn sealed). Most quarters run around $1000-1100.

How Buying Custom Beef works

  • You will be added to our list in the order you express & confirm interest for a quarter, half or entire cow. Some customers choose to split with a friend, for freezer space or budget constraints. 
  • We will let you know an approximate pick-up date. Pick-up is at our farm in Cayuga.
  • We will call you to discuss options, including:
  1. choice of steaks vs. roasts for certain cuts
  2. thickness of steaks/approximate size of roasts you desire
  3. packaging choices 
  4. other options 
  • Payment can be made at the time of pick-up – we accept cash, E-transfer, or cheque.

You may be nervous about buying a quantity of beef, but don’t be! We can discuss and consult or advise based on your preferences and help you select the best options to suit your needs. 

We charge $6.00 a pound based on the hanging weight.

Size Chart

Here are some true counts from recent quarters:

Example 1: 1/4 of a 694lbs hanging weight cow – 173.5 x $5.75 = $998.

  • Ground Beef – 58lbs
    • can be made into patties as well – 1 10lb box is 32 6oz patties
  • Steak Roast – 3.93lbs
  • Short Rib Roast – 4.76lbs
  • Eye of Round Roast – 3.69lbs
  • Blade Steak – 8 pieces – 10.64lbs
  • Round Steak – 4 very large pieces – 8.43lbs (steaks can be cut smaller)
  • Sirloin Tip Steaks – 3 large pieces – 5.68lbs
  • Sirloin Steaks – 5 pieces – 5.13lbs
  • Prime Rib Steaks – 6 pieces – 8.22lbs
  • New York Strip Steaks – 6 pieces – 5.34lbs
  • Tenderloin – 4 pieces – 2.69lbs
  • 116.51lbs of meat take-home

Wow, are you drooling yet?

Example 2: 1/4 of a 694lbs hanging weight cow  (a quarter from the same cow as above with some slightly different cutting options)

  • Ground Beef – 46lbs
  • Hamburger Patties – 32x6oz patties – 10lbs
  • Steak Roasts – 4.05lbs + 4.52lbs
  • Short Rib Roast – 4.52lbs
  • Blade Steak – 8 pieces – 11.30lbs
  • Round Steak – 4 very large pieces – 8.5lbs (steaks can be cut smaller)
  • Sirloin Tip Steaks – 4 large pieces – 7.14lbs
  • Sirloin Steaks – 5 pieces – 5.61lbs
  • Prime Rib Steaks – 6 pieces – 8.33lbs
  • New York Strip Steaks – 6 pieces – 5.39lbs
  • Tenderloin – 4 pieces – 2.55lbs
  • 117.91 lbs total meat take-home

Example 3 – This is a quarter from a different cow – 737lbs hanging weight.

  • Ground Beef – 38lbs
  • Hamburger Patties – 32x6oz patties – 10lbs
  • Steak Roasts – 4.5lbs
  • Short Rib Roast – 3.8lbs
  • Eye of Round Roast – 3.9lbs
  • Sirloin Tip Roast – 5.7lbs
  • Brisket (cap on) – 6.25lbs
  • Flank Steak – 1 piece – 1.7lbs
  • Blade Steak – 8 pieces
  • Round Steak – 4 very large pieces
  • Sirloin Steaks – 4 pieces
  • Prime Rib Steaks – 8 pieces
  • New York Strip Steaks – 6 pieces
  • Tenderloin – 3 pieces

Your meat will come boxed (usually 3 boxes for a quarter) with individual steaks/roasts/ground beef in butcher wrap or bags. If you prefer your items to be vacumn sealed, let us know – there is an additional cost. You can choose how many steaks or pounds per package. You can choose certain options: if you prefer roasts, we’ll cut less steaks; or vice-versa. You can do patties or ground beef, or a mix. You can choose thickness (we recommend 1″ minimum for steaks). Len worked in a butcher shop for many years and can effectively advise you on your choices within the possible options for your family and preferences as he truly knows both sides of raising and butchering cattle.

Our beef are fed a mix of corn and grass based ingredients, based on their age, to create optimal marbling and taste results. They are hormone and antibiotic free! We have consultation with a “bovine dietician” to create the recipe for their feed. Most of what our cattle eat is grown right on our farm!

Check our Facebook reviews – no one has been disappointed!

Feel free to ask us any questions if you haven’t found the answer here! We aim to please – let us MEAT your needs!

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