Calves … Batch 2

All our leading ladies due this month have calved … its always interesting as they have the same due date, and yet calf arrivals span over a few weeks!

Here are the latest 5 (4 all arrived on Saturday!)…

Sweet Jess … she was very spunky and curious, coming up to me and nudging me with her nose to get scratches on Day 2!
Jacob the calf, only moments old, being cleaned off by his momma. His colouring is so cute!
It’s amazing how these cows are such good mommas, and how quickly the calves get up and start sucking!
Meet Mr. Ice … another calf with beautiful chocolate colouring!
Mr. Josh – we had some cows calve at Karina’s dad’s farm and her nephew Josh was helping, so he requested that one be named Josh – of course, we had to oblige!
Another beautiful calf, Miss Lilly, with her momma!

It never fails to make me smile, watching the new calves find their footing moments after being born and then running and kicking up their heels!

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